Here are the 10 photos to take before you leave the hospital with your baby. If you are not hiring a birth photographer, there are some photographs you must take to ensure that you always remember this miraculous time!

You do not need a professional camera to take these, your smartphone will do the job just fine. It is so important to document these first hours in your baby’s life.

Hello Mum!

You wait a long time to finally meet your baby. That first moment when you see them for the first time is priceless.

Cuddles with Dad

Heart-melting for any mum to see Daddy bond with their new baby. Delivering a baby is emotionally draining for both parents in different ways. Don’t miss Daddy’s first cuddle.

Tiny toes

There’s nothing so sweet as newborn feet. All those lovely creases in the soles and perfectly formed toes.

Measurements & weigh-in

Take a picture of your baby having their measurements taken. Even take one with their hospital card so you can always remember those important details.

In first bed

This is a must-take photo. The see-through cot that was waiting by the side of your bed during labour is finally full.

Tiny Fingers

They will never be this tiny again and soon they will be able to wrap their fingers all the way around yours. But in these first hours, their tiny fingers won’t reach all the way around.


Such a natural photograph to take. The first feed.

Bath time

Not always baby’s favourite thing so be prepared for a few tears!

Meeting the big brother/sister

What will they make of their new baby? Be sure to capture their faces on this first encounter.

Leaving hospital

It’s finally time to take them home and begin life as a family. Have someone take your picture as you leave the hospital with baby in the car seat.

When you are home for hospital, you may want to consider booking a studio session with a newborn photographer. If you want to get started on some of your own pictures. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this post about 10 photos to take before you leave the hospital with your baby.

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