Autumn Photoshoot fun! St Albans Photographers, Sara and Lee love Autumn. Photographically there are so many reasons why this is our favourite season for location-based photography. Here are 8 reasons we think Autumn is a perfect time to update your family photos.

#1 The Colours for Autumn photoshoots are beautiful!

Once the leaves start changing colour, we start to think about locations for our Autumn photoshoot. This year it will be in Highfields Park, St. Albans where the leaves are already starting to show shades of yellow, orange and red. These colours look wonderful as a backdrop for your family portraits.

#2 The light

When the Autumn sun is low in the sky, it adds a warm glow, especially nearer the end of the day. We call this time ‘Golden Hour’ and added to the colours in the trees you could ask for a more perfect match! However, colours can still look bold, even on overcast days so don’t be put off if the sun isn’t shining!

#3 Better shoot times

With shorter days in Autumn, it means that the times are more sociable for the family, especially if you have little ones. You don’t need to be up super early or be late for bedtime. Your little ones will be at their best!

#4 The weather

Hopefully, in Autumn, the temperature is still agreeable. This means you can avoid wearing big bulky coats. Also, everyone is comfortable and not complaining about cold fingers and toes.

#5 Throwing leaves

Who doesn’t love to pick up the leaves and launch them in the air? This is when you can capture the more natural, unposed shots of your family.

#6 The clothes

The transition from a Summer to Autumn wardrobe means it’s time for boots and scarves. But the beauty is you can still pair this with some Summer items as it tends to be warmer still. It can be a lot of fun coordinating your look as a family.

#7 Christmas is coming

Updating your family pictures with an Autumn Photoshoot is a great way of having gifts ready for Christmas. You can share them with the whole family as well as have new pictures for you to enjoy. There is still plenty of time before Christmas to get this all organised.