We have written a COVID 19 policy for our Newborn studio sessions and signed a safety protocol set by the Master Photographers Association of which are are members.

Overview of Covid-19 Policy

Newborn Love accepts its responsibilities for studio operating during the Covid-19 pandemic. We need to ensure we are protecting staff and visitors in minimising the risk of spread of infection. Our policy introduces consistent measures in line with the Government’s recommendations on social distancing.

These are exceptional circumstances and we will comply with the latest Government advice on Covid-19.

We have undertaken a risk assessment in line with the Government’s guidance on Covid-19. We completed this risk assessment prior to any studio activities resuming. You can find a copy of this policy on our website and will be shared with all visitors prior to their visit.  

Our Covid-19 policy will be reviewed and revised as necessary. This policy is specific to Newborn Photography Sessions.

COVID-19 Health Check

The day before attending your studio session, we will be asking you to complete a ‘health check questionnaire.’ This includes asking who you have been in contact with and if you have any of the recognised COVID-19 symptoms:

  • Has a high temperature,
  • Anosmia (loss of smell) or
  • A new persistent cough

We will also give an update of where we have visited and who we have been in contact with. Sessions will be cancelled or postponed if anyone has symptoms or has been in contact with someone with symptoms.

Lee has received both vaccinations and both Sara and Lee take weekly lateral flow tests.

Arrival at the studio

On arrival, we will ask you to remove shoes before entering the studio and leave any non-essential items in the car. We will maintain a 2-metre distance or minimise the amount of time we are in closer contact with you or your baby. We ask that siblings do not attend the session during this time. It may be possible to arrange for a family member to bring siblings at the end of the session but the adult may need to remain outside the studio or wait in the car. We want to minimise the number of people entering the studio. Please wash your hands and use a sanitizer on arrival. We will be wearing masks and will have disposable ones for you to wear if you wish.

Cleaning and hygiene

We have always practiced stringent hygiene measures, this is nothing new to us. We do the following to keep things as clean and hygienic as possible.

  • Studio professionally cleaned before each session using a disinfectant on hard surfaces.
  • We will wash all props and blankets after each session
  • Only studio session per week to allow time in between for deep cleaning
  • Shoes removed upon entering the property
  • Frequent handwashing and use of 65% alcohol sanitizer for both photographers and visitors
  • Bathroom cleaned and for use of visitors only for the duration of a session
  • Photographers will wear face masks at all times. Parents have the option to wear masks.
  • Please do not bring props into the studio during this time. If you really want a special item included, please bag it and quarantine it for 3 days.
  • Soiled blankets will be bagged immediately and washed straight after the session
  • Parents will need to change nappies and bag them to take away with them

Social Distancing

This COVID-19 policy details how we will maintain social distancing or at least minimise close contact. Our studio space allows us to maintain a 2m distance. However, the nature of newborn photography means that there will be times we need to be closer to your baby than 2m. Normally, we are able to soothe, pose and handle your baby, however, we need to maintain distance for the time being. This means parents will have a more ‘hands-on’ role.

We will minimise the time spent in close contact with you and your baby in the following ways:

  • Session times will be reduced and will be no longer than 2 hours.
  • Photographers will ask parents to assist with handling, soothing, wrapping and posing their baby. We will be using a ‘stand-in doll’ to demonstrate this safely.
  • All sessions will have baby wrapped or dressed, at this time we are not offering shots with baby undressed. The studio will not be heated and the windows will be open for additional ventilation.
  • Once baby is wrapped, we will be able to briefly handle them to make refinements or to keep baby safe.
  • Siblings should only come to the studio at the end of the session and leave straight after.
  • We may incorporate some ‘life-style’ images where we can use a longer lens and stand back

COVID-19 Policy Written June 2020 reviewed daily based on Government updates.

If you have any questions about any aspects of this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us

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We have signed the Master Photographer’s Association COVID-19 Protocol. you can find out more HERE

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