Will newborn photography be possible after coronavirus? What are we as a studio doing to try and keep you and your new baby safe?

Safety and the Coronavirus

In light of the current situation, our studio remains closed for now. However, we are already thinking ahead about how we will reopen. The very nature of our job requires us to handle and be close to you and your baby. Safety is our highest priority so we will not open until we are sure it is safe to do so. We are following all government advice to inform our decision to open again at the right time. We are updating our risk assessment which we will review daily.

Newborn photography after Coronavirus

Once our studio reopens, our main wish is that parents feel satisfied with our health and safety procedures. There are already many things we do for the sake of keeping the studio safe and hygienic. These include:

  • Removing shoes before entering the studio room
  • Washing hands and using hand sanitizer frequently throughout the shoot
  • Washing all props and sanitizing props after each shoot
  • Deep clean of the studio on a weekly basis

New measures we are putting in place

In addition to our normal health and safety practices, we have now introduced the following procedures:

  • We will wear gloves and face masks when handling your newborn and make them available for you to use also
  • We will deep clean the studio after each session and leave a minimum of 24 hours between shoots
  • Any blanks that are soiled will be bagged to prevent any possible infection
  • We ask only immediate family members to come to the studio. Siblings will need to be collected by a family member immediately after their pictures have been taken
  • Only pre-packaged refreshments will be available for the time being. That means no tea or coffee – sorry. All packages will have been cleaned with disinfectant wipes
  • Please leave anything that you don’t need for the shoot in your car
  • If you are bringing props, please ensure they are clean and in a bag
  • If you or any member of your family is experiencing any of the coronavirus symptoms, please stay at home
  • I myself or Lee are experiencing any symptoms we will cancel your session and either arrange a re-shoot or issue a refund
  • Viewings will take place remotely. We have software that allows us to conduct a viewing session from the comfort of your home

Newborn Photography safety

Safety is our key priority and even more so now. We will not do anything to compromise the safety of you and your family or the reputation of our studio. We are sorry if you miss the opportunity to visit us whilst we are in lockdown. It is still important for you to record memories of this magical time so you may like to read this guide to help take pictures of your baby at home.

We also apologize for the additional measures we will need to put in place but this is vital to protect you and us. I can’t wait to open the studio again and meet your new babies.

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