Want to know which photos do you take during a newborn photography session? When parents turn up to the studio, looking both tired and proud they usually say. “All they do is sleep all the time so it should be fine.”

At this point, I usually put my finger to my lips and jokingly say “Shhh don’t say that out loud.”

Arriving at the studio

When you arrive, we always talk you through our plan for the session, which is our plan A. We also explain that because we are baby-led, it is often our plan B that comes into play.

Don’t be surprised if your baby spends time wide awake in the studio or seems more hungry than usual. We will work with them in the way that they let us. If they are awake, we will get some beautiful photographs with their lovely big eyes open. If they are fast asleep, we can put them into those gorgeous curly sleepy poses. Every baby is different and it really doesn’t matter if we don’t take the first photo for an hour. That is why we allow up to 4 hours so that your baby can go at a pace that is right for them.

Baby by themselves

Usually we aim to take photos of your baby by themselves, both wrapped and naked so that we can really show how tiny they are.

Capturing details

We then like to take some details photographs of their hands and feet and all those other features that newborns have.

Family poses we always recommed too. We often get protests at this point but we always say, if you hate them you never have to see them again but if you don’t take them, you will never get the chance again. We take portraits where the baby is snuggled close to your faces so you don’t need to worry if you are feeling conscious about your post-birth body (even though we think it looks beautiful!)

By the end of the session, we would be aiming to present you with around 20 images when you come back for your viewing. Hopefully this answers the question “Which photos do you take during a newborn photography session?” To check availability around your due date, please CONTACT US

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